'I just wanted to drop you a note to say what a wonderful time we had during our drumming lessons on a recent trip to Liverpool. We visited the slavery section of the museum expecting a few paintings and artefacts but was pleasantly surprised with an impromptu drumming class. The children really enjoyed it and the way you got a room full of strangers to laugh and play together was amazing, well done! Poppy is still telling everyone about your African laptop. Thank you for making us smile.' 

Julie Barrand, Liverpool


According to psychologist, Martin Seligman, wellbeing is sustained by five elements: PERMA

Positive Emotions - including happiness and life satisfaction.

Engagement - complete immersion in an activity.

Relationships - being cared for and valued.

Meaning - significance of life and belonging to something larger than self.

Accomplishment - achievement and mastery.

At Agida, our wellbeing programmes focus on using the arts as a way to enable recovery and maintain a satisfied sense of self. We work in a community/family context, focusing on shared understanding, compassion and trust. Providing the opportunity to be expressive, to understand self and one another, to rebuild identities. The setting may be a hospital, a clinic, a school, prison or a community centre. We use music, dance, art and/or shared stories as an enabler of recovery within diverse groups. 


Engaging in an activity contributes to demonstrable improvements in factors such as subjective wellbeing.

 (Creech et al 2013)


In drumming, it has been proven to facilitate recovery with the benefits including: a sense of purpose, social affirmation and interaction, engagement/re-engagement in life and communities, fulfillment and accomplishment. The enhanced wellbeing from drumming gives a sense of belonging, relaxation, energy, productivity, learning, positive mood, human feelings, escapism and emotional expression. 

Our percussion programmes enhance wellbeing, allowing co-creativity and togetherness, embracing mistakes and learning from them, building confidence and self-esteem.