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At Agida, we embrace 'soppi', this means 'change' in Wolof. 

Wolof is the language used by the Wolof people of Senegal.

Agida is constantly in the process of change to meet the needs of those we work with. Change means we can work with a wider range of people, reaching more groups and communities and achieving expected outcomes. If you think we do not offer what you are looking for, please ask - we love the challenge of something new.

If you are interested in our work and what we do, please get in touch to discuss.

So, why the Wolof language and why are we called Agida?

How We Got Our Name

Our organisation ‘Agida’ is named after the trail blazer Agida Seck.

Agida Seck was renowned in her country of birth Senegal, as a great dancer. Agida, a devoted wife and mother, went on to break down social barriers, becoming the first female drummer to appear in Dakar, Senegal’s capital city, at the Stadium Iba Mar Diop. This documented development in drumming was revolutionary and a firm female step to equality, as traditionally, drumming was a male only art form. Agida is our Artistic Director, Karim Mbaye's mum! 

At Agida we believe anyone can realise their dreams and potential and break down barriers, even those barriers that exist within. 

Here at Agida, we feel privileged to join paths with you, to share a journey.

Using the Wolof language is not a barrier, it is a communication. Perhaps it is a communication we do not yet understand but how exciting is it, that we can break down the meaning and embrace a different word, expanding our knowledge and embracing something 'different'. 

This is what we are all about, breaking down barriers and embracing the 'different'!

A core value at Agida, is to understand what is different, to take words, actions, expressions, and through these begin to explore who we are and our place. We make learning fun! We aid wellbeing through all our programmes. Success is a goal easily achieved through our crafted workshops. We take away marginalisation, fight exclusion and create groups of belonging, promoting trust and feelings of fulfilment.

Agida’s mission is to bring about cohesion, empowerment and self-belief, transforming lives and raising voices. Our workshops build confidence, so stepping into the wider community/world is but a small step. We enable people from all walks of life to reach their true potential through the practise of African arts.

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The Team

Janine Mbaye

Educator, Teacher & Curriculum Leader for Schools  

Karim Mbaye

Artistic Director

Programme Manager

Griot Story-teller, Oral Historian 

& Keeper of Traditions


Koya Olusanya

Management, Logistics & Art Programmes 

Contact for RIMKA!


Public Relationships & Agida's Ambassador.


Staff at Agida are DBS checked. We are covered by Public Liability Insurance